The Room of a Weary Would-be Hero

Whittingham Asylum 09

Whittingham Asylum 09 (Photo credit: nickcummins)

Welcome to our Writerly month with the Digital Vagabond. This is my mini blog project for the summer. The goal of this blog is to work through the book 30 days of writing prompts by Richard Rohlin. It’s an attempt for me to get to create some new content, and to take myself out of my comfort zone. I also hope that over the next 30 days I develop better habits as a writer, as well as explore my stylistic strengths and weaknesses. I’m looking forward to taking this journey lives, and online, and am happy to be sharing it with you guys. So, without further ado, enjoy!

Describe the room you’re in, as though you’ve entered it for the first time. What does it tell a stranger about its occupants?

The room is bare, organized enough, no one would ever call this the messiest room they stepped into, but it certainly isn’t the most organized. Books are Piled away in very specific and unobtrusive places, it is as if the occupant is hiding his or her own intellect, although in this case it is very likely he. The only marks of the occupant’s personality are found in a Dragon oil warmer, a Justice league poster, and the Superman figurine. It is as if the room houses his boyhood dreams of being able to save the world, but at the same time telling us that he’s all but given up on that dream. The lights are dim yellow, his light is slowly fading, his desk is worn and abused like an old friend who’s been with him for far too long, and carried far too much weight, or perhaps he feels as though he has. Coffee is obviously the insomniac’s cure, providing a tasty escape, and a much-needed dose of clarity, and one of the few people closest to his heart provides him both the solace of memory, and a healthy dose of caffeine as her memory is immortalized on a coffee mug. The room belongs to an incandescent mind, a potentially unsung hero, but a hero that is given up almost all hope for humanity nonetheless.

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