Day Two: The Straitjacket of Sleep

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Hello my lovely readers! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while, technical issues prevented me from maintaining my writing schedule, but I’m back! From here on out, I’ll be writing every day until the end of the 30 day challenge that I’m sharing with you. The prompt for day two asks me to personify an object in the room that was part of the prompt for day one. I hope you enjoy.


My bed. It wraps me in the gentle embrace of a lover who is missed their better half after a long hard day. It sings softly in my ear the siren’s song, calling me to a supposedly ever-peaceful rest. That is the ideal, but not the reality. The reality is that it wraps me in a soft embrace like a crazy lover, wait, more so like a straitjacket. It restricts me, and clutches me like a relentless harpy carrying me to the darkest recesses of my mind, all as I simply stared at the ceiling waiting for sleep to come. I wish I could tell you the noise in my mind was simply white noise that could be forgotten, I wish I could tell you that the solace that the supposed comfort of my bed provided to something to be treasured, but rather it is to be as feared as perhaps a psychotic best friend. She leads me to wonder if I’ll be the same person tomorrow as I was when I went to sleep.


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